Here We Are

Wow. So as you can imagine, I have been busy! Rachel managed to get here on Wednesday and we have been settling in. I have been offline and avoiding the computer like the plague, which has felt like a good thing the last few nights. But here I am, ready to give you guys an update!

Things are going really well. I have really enjoyed our time together thus far. We have been spending our time cleaning up the apartment and decorating it! We’ve gone grocery shopping and she has been such a sweetheart cooking me awesome meals and being patient with me as I try to wrap my head around the whole gluten free thing, though, honestly, we still eat some awesome freaking food and it’s really not that hard of an adjustment.

We went to IKEA yesterday and bought some awesome lamps and decorations for the apartment. It looks so much better now and feels more like a home than it ever has before. Bobbie and Schatzi absolutely love Rachel and are adjusting to having more than one parent in their life! Makes it so much easier to take them out and take care of them. It really is an awesome feeling, having someone else in my life to help me and support me and be here for me.

Here are all the photos we have taken over the course of the last few days:

10155101_10202113792107104_8579960233614487267_n 10170985_10202113784546915_5127270354566275764_n 10259721_10202113826347960_1248520078686256008_n 10306626_10202113820307809_3452030722520432087_n 10335715_10152371399131183_2097641182_n

We got the table and lamps from IKEA and I freaking love that store. As you can see, her cat Oli (Olivia) is settling in as well! She is so adorable. I was so tired last night that I apparently passed out on Bobbie and we stayed like this for almost two hours:


Here is him checking out the new digs in the pad:


And here is Schatzi sleeping by one of the new lamps:


And looking all happy on my lap:


And here is me and Rachel:


The apartment looks great, we are great, the dogs are great, everything is great! I am one happy dude. Will post more updates as they come!


Blast from the Past and Blast from the Future!

I want to thank each and every one of my followers for making my blog so successful! I never thought I would have this many people following me or being interested in my life. I really appreciate all that you have done for me and do for me every day by liking my posts and reading them and being curious about what I have been up to.

Now, for those newer followers, I am sure you had to scroll back to the veeeery beginning just to see then and now. So I want to give you new and old followers a blast from the past with some old pics and vids to show how far that I, and this blog, have come!

My pre-T video:

What I looked like pre-T:

charlieonmyshoulder cutebutblurry alldressedup amusedatwork smiles


6 Months On T:

1 – 6 Months Pics:

rubchin diggity yea herpderp smirky arm huzzah bigsmiles scruffysmile photo


One Year On T:

Six Months to One Year Pics:

back kindahappy sideburn whycantismile goodpic 8332609 cutejimface morehair icansmilesometimes wattup bigsmile yea


Two Years on T:

One to Two Years and Two Months Pics:

mybff 945276_10200118066455210_1557446204_n thoughtful whatdoing photo (2) stachepic scruff 5cd4c8ba08cc11e3a96022000a1fd150_7 bellyhair 29079d461e4811e3b4bf22000aa80174_7 hairylegs 188454_4789260330210_1219802005_n[1] a0a2f612598911e3900e12c05a5762ef_8 a86aef0a57a211e3af0c12857895c600_8 e066f88a5ac311e38e060ea35adaf2af_8 4b67bcf26f7611e3930b12a8405163f1_8 8c93c948791511e3ae8712f8e584c17a_8 60020c4e79f811e382b512617d8fdbd6_8 be695eb682a111e38674129e5825c438_8 1604807_10201569727985841_1500305834_n e1378540884011e3959b0e47c7b12f6c_8 8bb9e86eb29e11e39a7f12e9e786c5f7_8 92a1a86ea4f811e386e10a33b3dc16b2_8 1723246_10201668403812675_1678567003_n 1922301_10201668404812700_65512961_n   10153152_10201895506770107_925921553_n 1513757_10201981347356068_1269154840314130641_n[1]


I feel like I have come a long way. When I look back to pre-T and one months I hardly even recognize myself and it is like I have a twin sister or some shit. Now, as for the weekend. The weekend has been going really well. Schatzi went to the vet yesterday and she is fine. The infection is gone and she is in the clear, her skin is looking much better. I have been wiping her down with a hot cloth after she gets out of her crate to get all of the pee out of her fur and also using the spray that the vet recommended. I also think the anxiety medicine has calmed her down some.

Things have been going really well and the vet was pleased with her progress. He told me to keep up the good work and make sure that I keep wiping her down after she gets out of the crate. I would normally try something more conventional like pee pads or diapers but I really don’t think those are going to help, as she hates wearing anything on her body and she would tear up the pee pad because she sometimes digs in the crate.

If this is working, I am going to stick to it. I might try something else like a pee pad or a diaper in the future, but for now I want to go with what works. Also, less than two weeks until Rachel gets here! Yaaay! She has a few days left of work and will be on her way on the 27th! Good things are coming! And it is getting better. Thanks for reading!!!!


Two Years on T Montage

Okay, it is finally up! Subscribe to  my channel if you guys like my vids! I need more subscribers and I am seriously starting to want to blog more and get more subscribers and live the blogger life! Comment here if you guys want to hear me discuss something, whether it be trans related or not. I’ve got so many views on my blog, but hardly any on my Youtube channel! Any support from my followers here would be EPIC and AWESOME! Thank you guys!!!!

2 Years on T

It’s that time again! Watch my two years on T video here:

I will also be making a montage with pics.

Here are before and after comparison pics:

favthermal <–Before | After –> 1604807_10201569727985841_1500305834_n

amusedatwork <– Before | After –> a86aef0a57a211e3af0c12857895c600_8

whatsup <– Before | After –> 188454_4789260330210_1219802005_n[1]

tobeyandme <– Before | After –> e1378540884011e3959b0e47c7b12f6c_8


What’s up guys? The reason I have not updated in awhile is because I have been very busy and I really don’t have a whole lot of transition related stuff going on right now. Changes are pretty few and far in between these days, I keep getting more facial hair in, more body hair, just the usual transition stuff.

I recently split up with my fiancee which is another reason as to why I have been so busy. I have been searching for a roommate for the apartment so that I can live in something other than a small studio space (which would be all that I can afford at the current time) and so that I can keep the dogs and hopefully live comfortably without having any money issues.

I started working overnights again and am working 2 am – 11 am now at my job and really like it. It’s a different experience that is for sure but I have been doing it almost two weeks now and really love it. I feel like I am more of a night owl than a day person so it all works out in the end!

It has been a little nerve wracking but I am hanging in there. I am almost 1 year 11 months on T, I will of course be making a 2 years on T video with  comparison pics and progression pics.

Here are some recent pics taken of me below:

4b67bcf26f7611e3930b12a8405163f1_8 2334330e786411e39f8f0e8c395a91e4_8 1526881_10201388993467591_721390284_n

End of No Shave November

Now I did shave once between then and now. I believe it was two weeks into November. I did not shave entirely but I used my trimmer to get stubble. I am probably going to let what I have now grow for a few more weeks and see what develops. Never know!!! Below are before/after pics.

Clean shaven:

photo 1 (1) 1459284_10201042330761240_1111022298_n photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1)



photo 4 pic2 photo 3 photo 1


End of November (after trimming once):

6c0b089c57a211e3b2ff1207002bd0dd_8 a0a2f612598911e3900e12c05a5762ef_8 a01c1abe5b1b11e3b1f6124be0137d7c_8 a86aef0a57a211e3af0c12857895c600_8 d00528b05b1b11e3916c120c289588fb_8 e066f88a5ac311e38e060ea35adaf2af_8


Woot! Can’t wait to see what December brings!