Two Years on T Montage

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2 Years on T

It’s that time again! Watch my two years on T video here:

I will also be making a montage with pics.

Here are before and after comparison pics:

favthermal <–Before | After –> 1604807_10201569727985841_1500305834_n

amusedatwork <– Before | After –> a86aef0a57a211e3af0c12857895c600_8

whatsup <– Before | After –> 188454_4789260330210_1219802005_n[1]

tobeyandme <– Before | After –> e1378540884011e3959b0e47c7b12f6c_8


What’s up guys? The reason I have not updated in awhile is because I have been very busy and I really don’t have a whole lot of transition related stuff going on right now. Changes are pretty few and far in between these days, I keep getting more facial hair in, more body hair, just the usual transition stuff.

I recently split up with my fiancee which is another reason as to why I have been so busy. I have been searching for a roommate for the apartment so that I can live in something other than a small studio space (which would be all that I can afford at the current time) and so that I can keep the dogs and hopefully live comfortably without having any money issues.

I started working overnights again and am working 2 am – 11 am now at my job and really like it. It’s a different experience that is for sure but I have been doing it almost two weeks now and really love it. I feel like I am more of a night owl than a day person so it all works out in the end!

It has been a little nerve wracking but I am hanging in there. I am almost 1 year 11 months on T, I will of course be making a 2 years on T video with  comparison pics and progression pics.

Here are some recent pics taken of me below:

4b67bcf26f7611e3930b12a8405163f1_8 2334330e786411e39f8f0e8c395a91e4_8 1526881_10201388993467591_721390284_n

End of No Shave November

Now I did shave once between then and now. I believe it was two weeks into November. I did not shave entirely but I used my trimmer to get stubble. I am probably going to let what I have now grow for a few more weeks and see what develops. Never know!!! Below are before/after pics.

Clean shaven:

photo 1 (1) 1459284_10201042330761240_1111022298_n photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1)



photo 4 pic2 photo 3 photo 1


End of November (after trimming once):

6c0b089c57a211e3b2ff1207002bd0dd_8 a0a2f612598911e3900e12c05a5762ef_8 a01c1abe5b1b11e3b1f6124be0137d7c_8 a86aef0a57a211e3af0c12857895c600_8 d00528b05b1b11e3916c120c289588fb_8 e066f88a5ac311e38e060ea35adaf2af_8


Woot! Can’t wait to see what December brings!

No Shave November

Day 8! I shaved November 1st. I have a lot of freaking hair for just two weeks. Can’t wait for it to fill in with the last two weeks left.

Clean shaven Nov 1st:

1459284_10201042330761240_1111022298_n photo 1 (1)  photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

Nov 8th:

636f5378490611e3972a0e52a5db715e_8  punk nov8(1) pic2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1


So I’ve had quite a few haircuts pre-T to 1 year 6 months. The difference in my hairline is pretty phenomenal. My hair has changed a LOT over the course of taking T. Here’s some pics of the various haircuts I have had and how my hairline has been effected post Testosterone.


secretsmile alldressedup mewithmynewglasses melookingcute mewatchingtv inbedagain smiles

1 to 3 months:

rubchin herpderp smirky onfloor smilingagain actingcool

4-5 Months:

arm and huzzah awesomejacket lookingood bustoutlaughing hidingagain bigsmiles thinnerface

6-7 Months:

scruffysmile otherside kindahappy sideburn upcloseandpersonal sideofme 579741_3946595384113_1417432654_n[1]

8-9 Months:

lookingdown2 nothergoodpic goodpic 8332609 526717_4182389238812_451053317_n onebigsmile smile 151008_4197274290929_936114632_n[1]

10-12 Months:

cutejimface staringoff yo morehair icansmilesometimes sortasmiling front side  View More:

1 Year – 1 Year and 2 Months:

945276_10200118066455210_1557446204_n 1013009_10200303876860354_843212656_n  188454_4789260330210_1219802005_n[1] thoughtful ihavefacialhair hellothere yea alittleshy 996809_10200365501160923_1392506049_n[1]

1 Year and 3 – 4 Months:

1013950_10200283222744014_1562021953_n[1] scruff incar 3f235e5e11fe11e38ab422000aa80430_7 5cd4c8ba08cc11e3a96022000a1fd150_7

1 Year 6 Months:

bigsmile hmm 29079d461e4811e3b4bf22000aa80174_7 5c7d010c1e4811e389a722000a9e28d6_7[1] feb5c854201011e38efa22000a1fbd9c_7[1]

So as you can see I tried to grow my hair pretty long, didn’t go so well. It just basically gets too curly and unruly so I couldn’t deal with it and I cut it short again! I like it short a lot better. Easier to manage and it’s clean cut and looks good. I get annoyed when it starts getting too long lol. But as you can see, I could easily grow it longer pre-T without any issues. My hair has become a loooot like my Dad’s. His hair is curly and I’ve seen him let it grow and it does the same exact damned thing that mine does lol. Welcome to the male genetics of the family! But I digress, as long as I don’t grow bald, I don’t give a shit and just care that I actually have hair lol.

Leg, Arm, Belly Hair Update

Awhile back I did take pictures of my legs and belly hair when I was 6 months on T. This is just for documentation purposes to see how much of a bear I have become at 1 year 6 months on T lol.

6 month hair:

oneleg secondleg legs leghair happytrail


1 Year 6 Months:

bellyhair hairylegs leftarmhair rightarmhair


Not the best pics in the world, I know. And I guess I never took photo’s of my arms. But seriously.. they never had that much hair on them. Also as you can see I have hair on my hands as well. I also have very light hair on my knuckles. Nothing too noticeable.

Facial Hair Composition

So I feel like looking at my old pics that I really need to stop whining about how little facial hair I have. I mean seriously I grow in a week way more than what I used to grow in a month at a time. So here’s what I have documented so far on hair growth and shit. It’s pretty amazing. I only started getting little to some facial hair around 3 months. It was really around 5-6 months that it started to come in bit by bit. So here we go.

6 months:

neckandchinhair stubble1 stubble2 stubble3 stubble1 morehairupdate stubblemustache lightshot

7 months:

moresidebeard sidebeard beard2 beard3 haigrowingback beardgrewback neckhairthatgrewback mustachehairs underneck

8 months:

meh sideofme whatsup yup

9-10 Months

lookingdown2 goodpic nothergoodpic fillingin 21 8332626 chillinatthecomp

11-12 Months:

lotsofhair morehair bigsmile

1 Year 1 Month

alotofhair1year hm ilooksad1year otherside1year neck1year what scrunch side

1 Year 3 Monthsish

also onthebed 945276_10200118066455210_1557446204_n 1013009_10200303876860354_843212656_n 971951_10200136663600127_1217609602_n

1 Year 4 Months

side thoughtful whatsup away fromtheside goofysmile whatdoing ostateshirt

1 Year 5 Months

stache (2) dadc7132050b11e3a68b22000aeb0edf_7 goofysmile incar incar2 stubble 3f235e5e11fe11e38ab422000aa80430_7 5cd4c8ba08cc11e3a96022000a1fd150_7 35ebf44408cc11e3bf5922000a1f8cdc_7

Taken today and this is about 5 days growth.. aka what used to take me 1-2 months to grow I get in a week:

bigsmile hmm whiteshirt 67b3f2aa1bf111e3b19622000a1f9d89_7 39502e1a1bf111e3b52122000a1fa4b5_7

1 year and 6 months on T

1 year, 6 months and 16 days! Or so lol Here are some updated and recent pics. Everything is going great thus far. I can’t wait to reach two years next February!!!! My birthday is this month and I am turning 30. Can you tell? I hope not lol.

scruff photo (2) stachepic photo 1013009_10200303876860354_843212656_n dadc7132050b11e3a68b22000aeb0edf_7 goofysmile incar incar2 smiling stubble945276_10200118066455210_1557446204_n